CNC 3 / 4 / 5 AXES MACHINES and more

TECNOTEAM builds vertical CNC machines for wood and related processing since 2002. TECNOTEAM is the successor to THEOREMA SRL. Only components from the top quality segment are installed. The TPA / Albatros software is highly flexible, variable and enables you to produce a wide variety of processing with just a few queries. "Where others stop; we start!" The vertical design saves space and is ergonomic for loading and unloading. We only find horizontal solutions where we encounter existing production chains with a horizontal design or in mold making with a large Z stroke. Together with you we develop tailor-made solutions for the requirements within your production chain.



VOXEL 5 axes

(VOXEL = three-dimensional pixels)

Mold Making - Free Forms

Ideal for processing plastics
VOXEL is a numerically controlled machining center that is designed for three-dimensional machining of various materials: wood, aluminum, plastic and composite materials. It is possible to individually configure the machine , both for the dimensions of the machinable parts and for the types of cooling on the tool: from compressed air cooling to atomization or liquid cooling.
  • Horizontal machining center with 5 interpolated axes.
  • For processing wood, aluminum, plastics, composite materials and much more.
  • 10-fold tool changer (standard) or more.
  • Travels: • X - 976 mm • Y - 747 mm • Z - 455 mm • A - +/- 120 ° • C - +/- 220 °
  • Spindel

    Milling - Sawing - Drilling - Grooving - V-Grooving - Edge Banding

    Consoles - Nesting - 6-sided processing

    Well what should we say here? The technology and the budget set the limits. Otherwise we offer you the best possible integration into your production process. Of sizes 7 meters in length and 3 meters in height; unmanned production; Robotic loading and unloading; 6 sides processing; Aluminum shutter processing; Special drill heads; We have built all kinds of holding devices and clamping devices so far. Every month brings us new challenges. Talk to us and describe your requirements! We'll tell you if we can (or not) solve it. Here are some uses:
  • Caravan manufacturer with sandwich panels 2700 x 6000 mm panels; Milling; Drilling.
  • Aluminum shutter manufacturer in a pendulum with sprincler unit and special drill head.
  • Unmanned production (overnight) with automatic loading / unloading for a furniture manufacturer.
  • Table producer with 6-sided machining with automatic recognition of machining of the sixth side.
  • Plastic parts supplier to the automotive industry with 6 axes CNC machine for workpieces 1200 x 150 x 420 mm; Milling; Turn.
  • and much more.