VOXEL 5 Axis

(VOXEL= Pixel three diamensional)
VOXEL is a numerically controlled machining center that is designed for three-dimensional machining of various materials: wood, aluminum, plastic and composite materials. It is possible to individually configure the machine , both for the dimensions of the machinable parts and for the types of cooling on the tool: from compressed air cooling to atomization or liquid cooling.
  • Horizontal machining center with 5 interpolated axes.
  • For processing wood, aluminum, plastics, composite materials and much more.
  • 10-times tool changer (standard) or more.
  • Strokes: • X - 976 mm • Y - 747 mm • Z - 455 mm • A - +/- 120 ° • C - +/- 220 °
  • TEX


    VOXEL 5 axes:

    99,000, - plus VAT

    • Delivery and installation (unloading and bringing in by the customer, within Germany)
    • Training 3 days on site (within Germany
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    Standard Machine

    Enjoy! 3/4 axes

    "Enjoy!" is an answer to the demand for an extremely versatile machine. A machine with interesting technical properties and a wide range of extras to be able to carry out all processing that occurs in a carpenter's business. The machine thus serves the needs of small and medium-sized companies.

    • Workpiece dimensions 3000 x 1100 x 80 mm can be processed all around with all tools.
    • Equipped with aluminum brackets and vacuum cups (SCHMALZ ® system) vacuum 100m ^ 3.
    • 8 milling tool change positions; 16 drilling spindles; Grooving saws in X
    • Software TPA CAD Professional; Wood System Control



      79,590, - plus VAT

      • INCLUSIVE:
      • Delivery and installation (unloading and bringing in by the customer, within Germany)
      • Training 4 days on site (within Germany)
      • Angular head with 2 exits
      • Bumper safety device
      • USB dongle TPA Office


    In cooperation with Aggregate and Sonderbau Kluge GmbH, we are realizing a vertical machining center which can process "laser edges". This machining center contains an exchangeable hand-held device for "laser edging" with integrated cutting scissors. Two world novelties! One of these innovations is the HIT-CNC unit developed and produced by Kluge, which is based on the standard HIT-M invisible joint machine. It was specially developed by Kluge for this application in such a way that it contains an integrated chopping cutter and can also be controlled by a CNC machine at the same time. This joint project by the two companies TECNOTEAM and Kluge creates a CNC machine that is able to process laser edges. For the first time it is also possible for small and medium-sized companies; Realizing edge processing on a CNC machine, as we have almost halved the market price. In the trade this is very interesting for straight and shaped parts. And that in zero joint quality! The HIT-M handheld device has been sold very successfully since 2017 and has been exclusively by Mafell since 2019.

    • Vertical or horizontal machining center with numerical control and four controlled axes.
    • Equipped with aluminum consoles and vacuum cups (SCHMALZ ® system).
    • For processing wood, composite materials, PVC, Plexiglas and much more.
    • For processing edge thicknesses up to 3mm and edge heights up to 65mm
    • HIT-CNC system from Kluge with integrated chopping scissors