It is not without reason that TPA is a very widespread "tool" among manufacturers in the woodworking machine industry. TPA supplies the application software to the manufacturers; the operating system of the machines and the hardware for communication between PC and CNC machine. TPA delivers "everything from a single source". Your advantage is that everything is perfectly coordinated and that only one contact person is required for all interfaces. Individual adjustments to hardware and software for your production process and special machine construction come from a single source.

  • Application software TPA CAD and TPA EDI32 (until approx. May 2019) for programming.
  • WSC "Wood System Control" as the execution level of the written programs.
  • Albatros as a communication platform between user and operating software.
  • TPA hardware for transferring commands to axes, motors, etc.

TPA Software


TPA CAD includes all functions for daily production in your company. Whether quantity "1" production or series production; whether furniture production or molded parts: all processing can be programmed individually or variably. It is a full drawing program with all CAD functions; an excellent DXF importer including individual layer import; with 300 (!) variables to be assigned; 5 levels of nesting of logical instructions and 4 compartment sub-programming. No single programming has to be programmed twice, since each program once created can be inserted into a new program. Macros can easily be created by yourself. Various imports and routines can be created (TXT; CSV and much more).


TPA "R" Variables

The 300 available variables make it possible; to make all absolute values to be entered variable. You no longer work with numbers; but with variables. This makes programs completely flexible and individual programs can be used for a large number of jobs. For example, a door program once created can be used for all door variants: door dimensions; Rebate dimensions; Handle height; Backset; Light cutout version etc. are completely variable. The user on the machine no longer has to be in the program; but only fills in the requested values. You can also load the values automatically via barcode or file conversion.


TPA "Logical Conditions"

Logical instructions serve this purpose; Create dependencies automatically. For example "Is the cupboard door longer than 1000mm; drill 3 pot hinges" or "Is fitting XY used; DO NOT use dowel holes" and much more. You can create program structures tailored to your product.


TPA many further functions

The TPA software already offers many further options in the delivered version. The purchase of additional modules or "special programming" from the manufacturer is largely eliminated. You can map almost all production processes yourself and change them at any time. You are therefore not dependent on the manufacturer. "Where others stop; we start!"



WSC (WOOD SYSTEM CONTROL) is the execution level for the machine operator. Individual programs or program lists are executed here. These can be made available pre-made to order from work preparation or simply created and saved. The variables stored and released in the program appear in the program line and can be changed there. This means that the program no longer needs to be called up. There are also no changes in the program; the entries only apply to this program. The number of parts to be executed can be set and the WSC counts the number of pieces done. Manual operation of the machine, such as moving the axes you will find also here. The WSC offers many other functions.




ALBATROS is the link between the user and the machine. All offset data for the tools and the machine are stored here in different access levels. Machine functions such as the control of individual hardware components and their inputs and outputs can be called up and tested by the operator or by the manufacturer if required. This significantly simplifies service through remote access. Even before maintenance or a possible service call, you can see whether and which parts may be needed.



Talk to us for questions and spare parts. We will be happy to help you after your manufacturer's warranty has expired or after consulting the manufacturer.