CNC 3/4/5 AXIS MACHINES and more.


TECNOTEAM builds vertical CNC machines for wood and related processing since 2002. TECNOTEAM is the successor to THEOREMA SRL. Only components from the top quality segment are installed. The TPA / Albatros software is highly flexible, variable and enables you to produce a wide variety of processing with just a few queries. "Where others stop; we start!" The vertical design saves space and is ergonomic for loading and unloading. We only find horizontal solutions where we encounter existing production chains with a horizontal design or in mold making with a large Z stroke. Together with you we develop tailor-made solutions for the requirements within your production chain.




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In cooperation with the Aggregate und Sonderbau Kluge GmbH we realize a vertical machining center which among other things can process "laser edges". This machining center contains an interchangeable handheld device for "laser edges" with integrated cutting scissors. Two world firsts! One of these innovations is the HIT-CNC unit developed and produced by Kluge, which is based on the standard zero-joint HIT-M. It was specially developed for this application by Kluge in such a way that it includes an integrated cut-off shear and can also be controlled by a CNC machine. This joint project between the two companies TECNOTEAM and Kluge thus creates a CNC machine that is able to process laser edges. For the first time it is also possible for small and medium-sized companies; realize edge processing on a CNC machine since we have almost halved the market price. In trade this is very interesting for straight and shaped parts. And in zero joint quality! The HIT-M handheld device has been sold very successfully since 2017 and has been exclusively available from Mafell since 2019.

  • Vertical or horizontal machining center with numerical control and four controlled axes.
  • Equipped with aluminum consoles and vacuum cups (SCHMALZ ® system).
  • For processing wood, composite materials, PVC, plexiglass and much more.
  • For processing edge thicknesses up to 3mm and edge height up to 65mm
  • HIT-CNC system from Kluge with integrated cutting scissors

Standard machine

Enjoy! 3 / 4 axes

"Enjoy!" is an answer to the demand for an extremely versatile machine. A machine with interesting technical properties and a wide range of extras to be able to carry out all the processing that occurs in a joiner's workshop. The machine thus serves the needs of small and medium-sized companies.

  • Workpiece dimensions 3000 x 1100 x 80 mm can be machined with all tools.
  • Equipped with aluminum bars and vacuum cups (SCHMALZ ® system) vacuum 100m ^ 3.
  • 8 milling tool changing places; 16 drilling spindles; Groove saw in X
  • Software TPA CAD Professional; Wood system control

Standard machine

TECNOFLEX 3-5 axes

The TECNOFLEX series already offers everything; what processing needs to be covered from crafts to industry. As a console machine, it is ideal for highly flexible use from quantity "1". The machine concept is the basis for a wide range of equipment; tailored to your requirements. From skilled trades to multi-shift operations in industry, it can solve all requirements. Not least because of the high-quality components generally installed by TECNOTEAM.

  • Workpiece dimensions 3000 x 1300 x 150 mm can be machined all around with all tools.
  • Equipped with aluminum bars and vacuum cups (SCHMALZ ® system) vacuum 100m ^ 3.
  • 10 milling tool changing places; 16 drilling spindles; Groove saws in X
  • Software TPA CAD Professional; Wood system control

Standard machine


Nesting and especially aluminum nesting fulfills all requirements for the processing of large-format panels in the field of aluminum, composite; ACM; Plastic; Composite materials; Sandwich panels; Wood; and wood-based materials. Two "standard series" are available: NESTING 4222 with plate sizes 4200 x 2200 mm and NESTING 6322 with plate sizes 6300 x 2200 mm. Six (4222) or eight (6322) automatic vacuum zones ensure trouble-free processing and unloading. The software automatically recognizes the vacuum zones. 4 or 5 axes; an additional drill head and milling spindle are possible. The equipment is made according to your requirements.

  • Workpiece dimensions 4200 (6300) x 2200 x 150 mm can be machined with all tools.
  • Equipped with nesting table; Vacuum 200m ^ 3.
  • 10 milling tool changing places;
  • Software TPA CAD Professional; TPA nesting; Wood system control

Special construction machines - special machines


Now what should we say here? Technology and budget set limits. Otherwise we offer you the best possible integration into your production process. Of sizes 7 meters long and 3 meters high; unmanned manufacturing; Robot loading; - and unloading; 6 pages processing; Aluminum folding shutter processing; Special boring heads; various stops; - and we have built everything until now. Every month brings us new challenges. Talk to us and describe your requirements! We will tell you whether we can solve it (or not).
Here are some applications:

  • Caravan manufacturer with sandwich panels 2700 x 6000 mm panels; Milling; Drilling.
  • Aluminum folding shutter manufacturer in a pendulum with spray mist device and special drilling head.
  • Unmanned production (overnight) with automatic loading / unloading for a furniture manufacturer.
  • Table producer with 6 side processing with automatic recognition of processing on the sixth side
  • Plastic parts supplier to the automotive industry with 6-axis CNC machine for workpieces 1200 x 150 x 420 mm; Milling; Lathe
  • and much more