Why see4service?

. . . where there, nevertheless, already offers like Skype or Facetime is. . . ?

This question is put us in the customer conversation often as first ones.

If we put the counter question whether Skype and similar is already used, in the internal communication between employees or in the communication with customers, this is almost exclusively denied.
This has good reasons and here, therefore, we come now in detail on the essential differences and on the advantages which offers see4service in comparison to other video telephony systems.

  • The see4service communication is possible for the licensee in contrast to other systems of a boundless number of communication partners without big expenditure. Developers call this a 1 to n communication.

  • For a comparable communication with video-chat systems an enterprise also needs a "chat of account" and each of his employees / customers. Developers were calling this1 to 1 communication. This is not practicable in the enterprise everyday life. Particularly as to itself no customer with an acute concern will open an account with access data first with a lot of expenditure, only to communicate, perhaps, unique, with an enterprise by videopicture. The money costs to their employee / customer. 

  • With see4service exclusively the enterprise announces itself as a licensee. Every employee / customer can contact with the free see4service-app about the contact registered there the enterprise without big expenditure. He must announce himself in addition neither nor register itself. 

  • Video-chat systems must be installed usually first on every device to the communication.

  • With see4service the communication on a browser is unwound very simply and without previous installation by programmes about the Internet site app.see4service.de. 

  • Video-chat systems use Internet telephony. If is an employee, a subcontractor or a customer on a building site or on a place on which no Internet connection exists, he cannot reach your enterprise. 

  • see4service uses a usual phone connection for the telephone call. see4service can transfer without Internet connection though also no live video; nevertheless, one can call up any time his service giver. 

  • For the video chat or Facetime communication the previous exchange of the mutual contact information is essential, because they are nowhere listed for the choice. 

  • In the see4service-app. every licensed enterprise with phone number and contact is listed against it for the choice to the establishment of contact. A previous exchange of contact information is not necessary. 

  • With the video-chat system or Facetime the camera picture is used mutually. This is not necessary for the enterprise every day life in the area of Service or is wished. 

  • The see4service communication by picture is limited for the service function naturally to the one-sided picture transmission. 

  • The functions the see4service-app depend independently of platform and not on the use of the technology of a certain manufacturer, as for example with the Facetime system with which the sound communication and picture communication is limited to the users of Apple technology. 

  • see4service has no advertisement. 



If your customer or an assembler calls you now IN GENERAL about see4service, service for your enterprise gets a new Qualtität:

  • If you save only one journey to the customer in the year, you have already saved the investment for see4service. Just in guarantee times of products.
  • They can intervene in a telephone call directly and when required "see" whether it lies in the product or in the service. 
  • Their customer or assembler adds your enterprise within the see4service-app "to his" favorites. He has contact and phone number always "ready"! A registration or registration is not necessary for the customer. Download and go! 
  • The phone call about the app is as usual a normal phone call. The "added value" of the live video as an option creates security, reassurance and saves a lot of money for your enterprise in the at the beginning called cases. 
  • You download the argument "buying you with us, to yourselves the free app and you reach us through this with picture and tone if you have a question!" is a real purchase argument. Just with products with which long down-times are no option. 
  • Their customer finds this service with the possibility of the "Show me the problem" surely reassuring. 
  • Their customer feels in good hands and he know, to him is helped quickest ones. He shops rather with you than on the Internet or somewhere else because he knows, service is "on site"! 
  • Assemblers can help themselves together and "point" mutually where they have difficulties. An "expert" is therefore always on site.


 We are available for other questions in addition to you any time: info@see4service.de