How does see4service work?

see4service consists of two components:

see4service licence
Die see4service Internetplattform auf einem Laptop. Bequem jederzeit und überall nutzbar.

The licence holder receives free access to the see4service internet platform with a one-time licence fee of 89.90 EUR net price and an annual subscription of 29.80 EUR net price from the second year . You can get the see4service licence here

see4service app
Die see4service App für Servicenehmer auf einem Smartphone.

The licence holders employees and customers use the free see4service app on their smart phones which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play store.
Get the see4service app for iPhone here.
Get the see4service app for Android here.

see4service communication

The following situation might be familiar to you:

The system, machine, exhibition stand etc. has been set up at the customer, the briefing stage has been completed, the assembly team is already working at a different location. Because nothing normally  runs smoothly right from the start, the customer calls the employee within your company responsible for the service or for the project in question. There is a problem. Something is not running as it should. The customer explains in detail what the problem is.

The service employee cannot analyse the problem in detail on the phone from a distance. An appointment on-site is arranged, production is halted, the customer is not amused and the costs explode. During the appointment on-site, when looked at more closely, the problem more often than not turns out to just be just something minor.

Der Kunde benötigt Hilfe und greift auf seinem Smartphone zur see4service App.
Der Kundensupport steht dem Kunden mit Telefonie und Live-Übertragung des Bildes zur Hilfe.
With see4service the situation would be as follows:

The customer uses his see4service app, opens the contact listed in the app to call the employee responsible and explains the problem. He, in turn, uses the see4service internet platform in combination with the camera function in the see4service app on the customer’s smart phone to get a picture directly and in real time, whilst speaking to the customer. In the vast majority of cases, the employee is able to solve the problem immediately without leaving his desk. In order to recoup the investment of the annual licence fee of 29.80 EUR net price , only one such case is required.

see4service: It doesn’t take much imagination to think of how many ways this kind of communication can help increase efficiency and save costs for process sequences in different branches.
Get the see4service licence here