see4service ... The benefits are obvious.

Ein Kunde benutzt die see4service App auf seinem Smartphone.
Whenever there is a problem to be solved in communication with the external sales team or with customers, it is normally essential that the person responsible must go on-site to assess the problem and make the relevant decisions.  In doing so, costs are incurred, delays are caused, new deadlines must be agreed upon and travel expenses are required.

More often than not the time, cost and labour required are in no proportion to the resulting profit.

see4service is the solution!

Dem Dienstleister bzw. Servicegeber steht eine seperate App mit dem Control-Panel Login zur verfügung.
see4service makes it possible for you to – from your desk – look over the shoulders of your employees or customers who are on-site and see the situation first hand, live and in real time, whilst continuing the phone-call to solve the problem.

see4service enables more efficient communication flows between internal and external employees at a very low cost.

see4service offers your customers a much higher quality of service by enabling your employees, when required, to be on-site and in the picture with a single call.

Save time and costs with see4service!